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12-30-2010, 9:08 AM
Great article from 1993. Anyway to get updated statistics?


Would really like to know where to find updated figures on the following:

Most of the guns owned by law-abiding citizens are kept at home, but 87 percent of violent crimes occur outside the home.

The Department of Justice reports that in 1991, for all crimes of violence, only 28 percent of calls to the police were responded to within five minutes.

Actually, the gunowning population is pretty much like the general population because approximately one of every two households has a gun.

Consider Florida, which in 1987 enacted a concealed-carry law guaranteeing a gun permit to any resident who is at least 21, has no record of crime, mental illness or drug or alcohol abuse, and who has completed a firearms safety course. Florida's homicide rate fell following the enactment of this law, as did the rate in Oregon after the enactment of a similar law. Through June 1993, there had been 160,823 permits issued in Florida. Only 530, or 0.33 percent, of the applicants have been denied permits. This indicates that the law is serving the law abiding.

Ninety percent of violent crimes are committed by persons not carrying handguns. This is one reason why the mere brandishing of a gun by a potential victim of violence often is a sufficient response to a would-be attacker.

For the Brady Center: Florida State University criminologist Gary Kleck, using surveys and other data, has determined that armed citizens defend their lives or property with firearms against criminals approximately 1 million times a year. In 98 percent of these instances, the citizen merely brandishes the weapon or fires a warning shot. Only in 2 percent of the cases do citizens actually shoot their assailants. In defending themselves with their firearms, armed citizens kill 2,000 to 3,000 criminals each year, three times the number killed by the police. A nationwide study by Don Kates, the constitutional lawyer and criminologist, found that only 2 percent of civilian shootings involved an innocent person mistakenly identified as a criminal. The 'error rate' for the police, however, was 11 percent, more than five times as high

12-30-2010, 10:18 AM
Start with http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/ucr.htm for the crime info. Note especially the definition of 'violent crime'.

The households with a gun number is difficult to verify; General Social Survey data for the last decade or so indicates 35-40%, but I don't have a lot of confidence in that.

Florida, Michigan and Texas all have their CCW-holder vs crime data online; it's very low.