View Full Version : BS Meter

12-29-2010, 7:55 PM
Ok, I went into a local gun shop and asked a question about high cap magizines for the 10/22, it is always amazing what you hear. This one response had the old BS meter going off though.

They tell me about the law and how you can't own one after 2000, then they tell me that the companys have the high cap mags marked and they can tell when and where you purchased them. I was like :confused:

I asked how that works? I said since they are illegal why would they mark them if they can't sell them in Cali.

She said they stamp the inside with a serial number that gives a date of manufacture, i said what does that have to do with the sale date and where they were purchased. She looked all :confused:

She also said you get a 4 year felony for each mag you have in your possision, so 2 mags will get ya 8 years in the pokie, she laughed. :rolleyes:

Gun shops are fun and happy shooting all, i had to share. :D