View Full Version : Ditched Rem 2 Shot Extension for Wilson Combat 2 Shot Extension...

James R.
07-28-2006, 1:40 AM
Just made this change tonite, mostly didn't want to deal with the barrel clamp anymore, having to reach for a screwdriver every time I broke the shotgun down etc.

In any event a fringe benefit of the Wilson Combat 2 shot extension is OMFG the barrel feels so much more secure than it ever did with the barrel clamp. Before there was all sorts of lateral play, you could twist it back and forth pretty easily. With the Wilson Combat extension on there it won't budge. Other thing of note is that extension has a sling provision and it doesn't extend past the end of the barrel like the Rem one did.

That Is All...


James R.

PS - Needed one of those Birchwood Casey Instant Blue Touch Up Pens to unfvck the barrel as the clamp does a damn fine job of rubbing the blue away...way to go Remington :-(