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12-27-2010, 4:48 PM
Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. I am looking for information or any websites that can give some info on a Walther P38. I am looking for manufacture date and possible value. This is something that will be handed down to me by my grandfather and I have no intent of selling but just interested in getting a little more information.

It is in its original box, pretty nondescript chocolate brown box with (on the front of the box) the "Walther" logo, the words or model "Pistole P 38", and in the bottom right corner "Carl Walther, Waffenfabrik, Ulm-Donau.

The box contains the pistol (frame is stamped with serial # 0026xxE, the barrel and slide are stamped the same but no "00" or simply 26xxE), one 8 round magazine and the original test target from the factory. Also stamperd on the frame is "Made in West Germany" and on the front left portion of the trigger guard there appears to be a very small eagle stamped in. The left hand side of the slide is Stamped with the "Walther" logo as well as Carl Walther, Waffenfabrik, Ulm/Do.

That is all he info I have so far and will be able to post pics once I get my hands on the pistol. If anyone could provide further information it would be much appreciated.

Thanks again.


Milsurp Collector
12-27-2010, 4:59 PM
Check out http://www.p38guns.com/Postwar.htm

The box you described is shown on http://www.p38guns.com/Postwarinbox.htm

12-27-2010, 5:17 PM
Thanks for the link Milsurp.

I spent the better part of the past two hours on that site and that was the closest I came to a match but the box I have is a bit different. Darker in color and does not have the white box with the S/N in the upper right corner. It does have the sticker that is shown (however it is red on the box I looked at) in the lower left of the screen and the S/N does match.

One thing I noticed under the very small eagle on the trigger guard is the letter "N". This pistol was imported by Interarms-Alexandria if I recall correctly.

Thanks again :D

12-27-2010, 10:42 PM
There may be a date stamped on your pistol. Look for two numerals. It could also be coded with the month and year. Such as 11/68.

Check the area of the trigger guard for the numbers. From your description it sounds like a commercial model. It's also a post war production so it's not "early". Since your pistol is also marked "Made in West Germany" this would have been required on firearms imported after 1968, but before 1986. So that narrows down when your pistol was imported into the US. The Eagle "N" proof is a standard West German post 1968 proof. There should also be a Ulm "antler" proof somewhere on the pistol.

Here are a few photos of another commercial P38 with a "68" (1968) date, also eagle N proofed with the Ulm antler proof.

Since you have the test target there should be a date on it indicating when it was tested so that should be of help to you.