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12-25-2010, 8:43 PM
Ever since I got my 1911 I have been on what seems like an endless quest for "the perfect grips". I looked at VZ Grips and many other manufacturer's websites I don't know how many times and solicited opinions here. The answer is that there is no such thing. One style might look good but not function well. Another might feel great at the range but terrible when carried. There are a variety of materials too. I think that the wide variety of grips is one of the reasons people wind up with multiple 1911s.

My Springfield Loaded Champion Lightweight came with rubber Pearce grips. They worked fine but I didn't care for the look. Honestly, they feel a little cheap and at $9 are cheap. I switched them out for a set of Navidrex Micarta double diamond grips and they are pretty good. They look the same as the original grips so a bit plain, but the grip was good. The amount of checkering made for a good grip but one day when I was not wearing an undershirt and had it IWB, my skin took a bit of abuse.

I stumbled across these grips made by "Radical Concepts". They are the OE manufacturer for Colt Delta Elite and Gold Cup wraparound grips. They decided to make these without the Colt Delta medallion and sell them but as the story goes, they weren't able to compete with the likes of Pachmayr and Hogue. These RC grips are sold on eBay and Gunbroker now for about $12 plus $3 shipping out of Simi Valley, CA.



The material is "Santoprene" and is somewhat stiff yet a little rubbery. They are supposedly more durable than the Pachmayr neoprene and does not require metal inserts for stability. The texture is grippy but less abrasive than Micarta. I love the wraparound piece! The checkering is a little different than on the sides. The side panels are 16 LPI and the front strap is 24 LPI. I would love front strap checkering but the cost is a little prohibitive. I tried the Wilson Combat checkered front strap (http://shopwilsoncombat.com/Checkered-Frontstrap-Blue/productinfo/100B/) and loved the feel but it moved around a bit which could damage the finish on the frame. It looked okay but I wasn't too hot on it. As far as other wraparound grips, they all have deep finger grooves and I did not want that on this gun. This is the perfect compromise.

They are not ambi-safety cut but a quick sanding with a Dremel cut enough out to free my ambi-safety. The fit of the grips is very good after the Dremel mod. There is a little tension on the opposite side under the plunger tube but nothing I'm too worried about. At worst I might have to sand a little material off. The screw holes lined up perfectly.


I think they look great. They are not flashy but still enhance the look of the gun. SA does this model 1911 in OD green with black Armory Coat and I think it looks all business so these RC grips go along with that theme. It is a carry gun for me so I am more interested in utility and comfort than looks. I am going to try to get out to the range tomorrow to give these grips a go. So far though, I am extremely happy with the way they look and feel and for $15 shipped, a super deal.




If you're interested in these grips, check Gunbroker for seller "steelcutter" or his current listings here (http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/SellerAuctions.aspx?User=396899). He's on eBay as "steelheadscott". He's a great seller and he got these to me quickly.

12-25-2010, 8:43 PM
Here are the Colt Delta Elite version of these grips.



Colt Gold Cup version



12-26-2010, 8:29 PM
I took the 1911 out today to try the new grips and I've got to admit that it took some getting used to. The added grip on the front strap was great but it's just thick enough to throw off my grip a little. I wouldn't have thought that a thin amount of material on the front strap could alter my finger positioning with and effect. With several magazines of shooting I got used to it.

The grip is definitely nice. The checkering is enough to give some bite but it's not harsh. I CCW'd the gun all day and not a snag nor any abrasion. I think I'll be keeping these grips on my 1911 for awhile.

12-26-2010, 10:56 PM
Nice report. I am a sucker for the stainless 1911 with Mother of Pearl grips, or similar white grips, but I have to admit, that looks pretty damn good.