View Full Version : Fire retardant pistol safe

12-23-2010, 8:18 AM
Look to be a ton of things likd Sentry fire retardant safes for sale...I need a pistol safe (no long guns) for home storage of about 10 handguns..non are collectables..all are shooters. Just looking for a safer place than I have now...I can easilly bolt a Sentry style to the floors or walls so they are not easilly removed. If someome wants in any safe, no matter the cost or size I'm convienced they will get it....I figure just a safe for reasonable fire protection (1/2 hour at 1200degrees or so) and fairly difficult for the average hoodie to penetrate. Any thoughts? I know there are lots that say bigger is better and on and on...this is a stable number of pistols and if anything will probably pare down a little..

The super grab and use guns are already stashed for immediate use...just figuring to use the safe for some overflow.
Many thanks and Merry Christmas.