View Full Version : Legality & feedback for fixed AK magazine kit

07-23-2006, 8:27 AM
I posted this on the Rifleman's forum, but need info from the "legal" side of OLL AK owners: Has anyone come up with a fixed magazine kit for the AK series rifles ? I have a V62 (AK/AR hybrid) that uses a similar AK paddle magazine release with a complete solution to have a fixed magazine. I need input (constructive please) on how to make this work for the number of OLL AK receivers out there. Here is a close up of the fixed kit for the V62 AK/AR receiver I had on hand:
1644This picture shows the part installed w/ 10rd AK magazine and the part in a bag.
This is a modification that involves removing the taper pin from the trigger guard of a V62 AK magazine fed AR receiver hybrid. The kit consists of an aluminum part that has been machined w/ set screw replaces the paddle release & spring. Then 2 allen screws w/ protective washers hold the machined part & setscrew in place of the taper pin. The setscrew is used to adjust the magazine protrusion to hold it in place (fixed). The kit is completed with 2 allen wrenches & instructions.
1643 This picture has the stock receiver (top) with the stock paddle mag release parts next to it. Just below is the parts kit w/ allen wrenches showing the kit available for the V62 AK/AR receiver. On the bottom is the part installed as a fixed magazine solution for the AK/AR receiver.
What I need is info/pictures on how the AK47 style rifles would work with this type of modification. Do the AKs use rivets and/or roll pins for the paddle mag ? Anyone can offer a sample AK receiver that has been built up for prototyping this fixed mag kit ? A free kit to the persons willing to have theirs modified! :)

07-24-2006, 11:03 AM
AKs have a rivet holding the paddle in place. As for fixing a mag, the simple solution is to drill and tap the left (I think, I'll have to look again) side of the paddle/trigger guard and install a set screw.