View Full Version : Couple neat pics of what 22lr bulk can do

12-20-2010, 4:58 PM
SO it's pouring and miserable and with that comes traffic which means no range time for Tibet and I as planned today. My neighbors are cool with me firing a few rds once in awhile or doing some heavy bag training. I got a proper backstop and adhere to the rule, Absoltively no obnoxious noises past 5:30pm. So I get a chance to shoot at some unconventional targets once in awhile. I dont know if this is impressive or not and make no claim that it is anything other than "pretty cool".

Winchester 555 for $18 SuperX stamped. Out of Tibet, my m4 .22lr secret lover.
1. standard 12 gram (emptied of course). Dunno what metal it is, seems a low grade steel.
2. Obsolete Heatsink. Standard t6061 construction clean through 5mm thickness

range is ~10 yds

12-20-2010, 8:06 PM
so velocitors will do 200-300 fps more and + 3 grains. Perhaps the flat cut off a solid billet aluminum 1" diameter cylinder braced. Perhaps...