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12-18-2010, 3:04 PM
Hey folks!

I'm not sure I should post this here or in wtb, but it is definitely hunt related so, well, here it is.

I make soap from natural ingredients. Usually I use beef tallow or olive oil or almond oil or grapeseed oil etc. etc. But I want to experiment with some different types of game tallows, bear in particular. I intend to make soap from homemade lye from the ash of burnt whiskey barrels and bear tallow!

I am hoping that there is a hunter or two who might be able and willing to hook me up with some bear fat.

I would love to get fat from any wild game actually. Bear has some serious "cool" factor, but so does wild boar, coyote, and sasquatch.

If you want to donate or sell some fat, let me know. I will of course pay for shipping or do the driving and I will supply you with a few bars of the finished product for your trouble!

Thanks in advance! My fingers are crossed.

12-18-2010, 3:17 PM
Just a month ago I could have seriously hooked you up, but none available now. I'll keep you in mind when I whack a pig in a few weeks, though.

12-18-2010, 3:46 PM
Be careful on the buy/sell stuff, I don't believe you can buy or sell wild game parts.

12-18-2010, 4:12 PM
Be careful on the buy/sell stuff, I don't believe you can buy or sell wild game parts.

You are correct sir:

4758. (a) Subject to the provisions of this code permitting the
sale of domestically raised game mammals, it is unlawful to sell or
purchase, or possess for sale, the meat, skin, hide, teeth, claws, or
other parts of any bear in this state.
(b) The possession of more than one bear gall bladder is prima
facie evidence that the bear gall bladders are possessed for sale.
(c) Nothing in this section prohibits a sale authorized pursuant
to Section 3087.

I guess it is donations only (facepalm)

If you are willing to donate Id sure be grateful.

12-18-2010, 4:26 PM

but I do think thats really cool!, the making soap part

12-18-2010, 4:35 PM
There is no law against buying wild pig fat!! In fact reading through the California fish and game code (http://law.justia.com/california/codes/2009/fgc.html) regarding mammals, I could only find the mention of selling Bear parts being a problem. I'm guessing it has something to do with the Asian black market value of bear gall bladder and bile.

12-18-2010, 6:14 PM
In this state you can not sell any part of wild game taken IN CA! You may want to check with some folks in other states. They are not as prohibiting as CA. Check each state and their laws.

Good luck on wild pig fat, They don't have that much fat on them. You may be better off with domestic pig fat for a couple reasons. For starters bear is a part of the pig family and bear fat turns bad real fast!

12-19-2010, 10:14 AM
I have killed quite a few hogs in the Ukiah area that had plenty of fat.