View Full Version : any one ever heard one a bulgarian 7.8 steyr?

12-17-2010, 9:01 PM
i mean no disrespect if the man i spoke to is a calgunner,
So i was out at the range in Rancho Cordova and an older gentlemen was talking with me about steyrs. i had a Budapest at the time and the guy said he had a Austrian 8 and a Bulgarian 7.8.
did the Bulgarians make steyrs in a odd native caliber? i recall some 8x56r on the market some years ago made in Bulgaria. He said he sold it to cabellas in Sparks a year or two ago.
Any one ever see any thing like this?

12-17-2010, 10:24 PM
Here's all I could find on it with a quick google search



The 1894 was originally classed as a "half automatic or semi-automatic pistol".The overall length of the 6.5 mm model displayed in the photo illustrations on this page is 8.46 in (215 mm), dry weight is 30 oz (850 g).
There were several modifications of this pistol during its production until 1897. In some, the barrel catch does not operate during firing movement, so that the pistol closes to become fully self loading. In no models, however, does the automatic action extend to cocking the self-loading pistol. In all variations the hammer must be cocked by thumb to fire or must be cocked and dropped in double action mechanical fashion by a pull on the trigger.
Experimental versions of this arm were also manufactured with a single action movement in which it was necessary to cock the hammer by thumb for each shot. Other types also used experimental forms of grip safeties. Late versions of these pistols were made to shoot a special 7.8 mm rimless cartridge with a straight sided case.