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12-16-2010, 9:16 PM
Based here in the Bay Area is the Coastside Fishing Club founded by Bob Franko almost 10 years ago. It has 14,000 members. This club has been at the forefront of the battles concerning salmon fishing and more recently standing up against the corrupt MLPA process.
The Central Coast area around Morro Bay was the first to be implemented. Today, Coastsides Science Officer presented this letter to the Fish and Game Commission:

Coastside Petitions F&G Commission to Eliminate/Suspend Central Coast MLPA Closures


Presented to the Commission this morning by Dan Wolford.

15 December 2010

Mr. Jim Kellogg, President
California Fish and Game Commission
1416 Ninth Street P.O. Box 944209 Sacramento, CA 94244-2090

Dear President Kellogg:

The Marine Life Protection Act provides for annual review of designated Marine Protected Areas until such time as a final master plan has been adopted. On behalf of the Coastside Fishing Club and the recreational anglers of the Central Coast, we petition for the re-designation or elimination of all marine reserves identified in the Central Coast phase. We ask that the Commission place this matter on the agenda for the next Commission meeting.

As envisioned by the Legislature and embodied in the statute, MPAs were intended to enhance marine ecosystems through clearly defined goals, adaptive management, and enforcement. The enumerated threats to be addressed were pollution, coastal development, and enhanced fishing techniques. Recreational fishing closures were to be incident to the implementation of a comprehensive program incorporating all of the Act’s goals and requirements. Recognizing that funding might be a challenge, the Legislature commanded that implementation be limited to the extent funds are available.

The Central Coast MPAs have now been in place for more than three years. More than enough time has elapsed to evaluate the fidelity of the Central Coast MPAs to the statutory requirements and intent. More than enough time has passed to evaluate the efficacy of the reserves and apply the principles of adaptive management required by the statute. However, after more than three years, no baseline or monitoring data is available from the Department, leading to the inescapable conclusion that the requirement of adaptive management has been abandoned for all intents and purposes.

And it is already well recognized that inadequate resources exist for enforcement and that no regulations address coastal development, pollution or enhanced fishing techniques. Instead, contrary to statute, the MLPA has been reduced to a permanent closure, banning traditional hook-and-line fishing techniques that were never identified by the Legislature as a threat.

Accordingly, the Coastside Fishing Club petitions the Commission to conform the Central Coast MPAs to be consistent with the statute:

no closures should be maintained except to the extent that funds are concurrently available to fully implement all requirements of the Act, in particular adaptive management and enforcement;

no closures should be maintained unless adequate baseline and monitoring data exists, is made available, and used to adaptively manage the areas; and

no closures should be maintained unless competent data persuasively demonstrates that the closures are both effective and necessary.

The Commission and Department are not free to pick and choose which elements of the MLPA to implement such that it becomes merely a “No-Fishing Act.” The Commission cannot expand or contract statutory requirements. If there are going to be MPAs, including reserves, then they must be accompanied by adaptive management and enforcement and transparent operations.

Unless and until the State has the resources to implement the MLPA, including adaptive management and enforcement, the existing MPA’s must be eliminated or suspended. We ask that the Commission include consideration for eliminating or suspending the Central Coast MPAs on the agenda for the next Commission meeting.

Dan Wolford, Science Director

Coastside Fishing Club

I have no idea what the Coastside Club will do next but I assure you they will not rest until this outrageous travesty comes to an end.

12-17-2010, 12:36 AM
we all need to be making noise for our hunting and fishing rights now because this MPA fiasco is a harbinger of things to come with these communists in power.