View Full Version : colt m16 spr 22 or ruger 1022

12-16-2010, 2:47 PM
Going to get a 22 for the local range to save money. 223 is eating the wallet. I'm looking at these two guns for 50-100 yards shooting Which one is the better gun and why. Price difference is $140 more for the colt.

12-18-2010, 9:26 AM
have you considered the ruger SR22?

I've seen and handled the Colt and it certainly is not of the quality one has come to expect from Colt firearms...(that's my opinion) accuracy and performance i have not witnessed first hand, though.

i do have a 10/22 and it's like the "standard" for all other .22 semi-auto rimfires to aspire to...the standard 10/22 is a very good platform to begin with...it's limitless as to what you can do with it. go to www.rimfirecentral.com and www.rugerforums.com for more info, too.

I'm stepping into the world of .22lr AR's by ordering a Spikes Tactical ST-22, too.

12-18-2010, 12:17 PM
I'd have to say 10/22. They are tried and true.

12-18-2010, 1:26 PM
10/22, but I'm partial to mine anyhow. You can keep it stock, or go "tactical" with it, but there's always going to be more accessories for them, and they're a rock-solid performer too.

12-18-2010, 4:07 PM
I like my Umarex Colt M4. I dont see it as better than 10/22 in any way, but it's a damn fine looking black rifle. I like the feel of the M4, the fact that adding stuff to it is cheap and easy.

Airsoft rails made in t6061 type 3 anodizing (or even lesser anodizing) fit and the targets I nail at the range couldn't care less who made the rails. I've put 300+ rds. Nothing looks worn and the body is as pretty as the day I bought it (Notorious pics of the cracked Umarex body is one damn example. Give me a Springfield M1 and I bet I can figure a way to break it too).

I'd say this, its got Colt's full endorsement (notice all the sigs say "If it aint a Colt It's a copy.") It looks and feels mil-spec. The A2 flash hider and bayonet lug are perfectly dimensioned (Ontario Knives mil spec bayonet fits so well you can slash with it). As an M4 shooting with a 22lr operation, it does everything right. Its accuracy is limited by my less than 20/20 vision.

So it's simple really. are you looking for a .22lr with an m4 look and feel? If black rifle looks are not your objective, save the dough and go 10/22 or Marlin. Umarex/Colt came up with a great product, but it's just a nice 22lr with the look and feel of our military's rifles. I personally think it feels awesome. I make no claim that it does anything better than the much more affordable non-stylized 22s

pennys dad
12-18-2010, 5:36 PM
I have had great reliability with the Colt and 1022. My Colt didnt cost me much more after I purchased it, my 1022 cost me a few $100 Extra cause I got sucked into the upgrade game. As a basic shooter was shoot just as well as the Colt. I think either is fine

12-18-2010, 8:01 PM
10/22 all the way, more "real" upgrade options and much better accuracy. If you want a black rifle then you should buy the real thing. American rifleman magazine just covered all the tacticool guns, so you might want to check out their results.

12-18-2010, 9:23 PM
I would go for the 10/22. It is a fun little shooter on its own, but there a lot of options on what you can do with it when you start getting the need to customize. Oh and when you decide you want a new barrel Green mountain barrels are good but Kidd barrels are GREAT.

12-19-2010, 9:31 AM
I have the Colt M4 .22 and I love the way it looks and feels. I have not had any problems with it and it shoots like a champ. I personally dont like the looks of the 10/22 and thats why I went with the Colt. I dont think the Colt is cheaply made like some think.