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12-15-2010, 12:18 PM
Remember also that Century may sometimes be just a little "loose" or "generous" in describing conditions;).

Not nearly as "loose" or "generous" as Inter Ordnance, but still...


12-15-2010, 3:14 PM
G= Buy 2 and make 1 working rifle
V= it works in theory.
X= you can still smell the vodka...works in theory
GC= buy 3 and cobble together a rifle out of them
VC= it works in theory but requires you purchase 2 to make 1 rifle.
XC= well it might be our hang over but it looks beautiful (like the girl at the truck stop.) but you still better buy 2.
F=FAIR---- jacked the F#(& up
P=POOR---- Broken but theres always JB weld
I=INCOMPLETE---- Buy 4 and make 1 rifle that will work in theory, we lots the parts off the back of the truck near the Vladivostok docks.
CA=CALIFORNIA APPROVED---- they worked in theory but we had to saw off some parts and throw them off the truck in order to make it past the border of the PR cali.
Y-G= buy this and a complete rifle to make 1 working rifle...Ivan wanted to sell us the mags separately and we are cheap.
Y-V= Ivan loaded us up with vodka and we bought these by mistake. Ivan pulled a bait and switch and we got a crate full of bricks back at the warehouse we though were mags
Y-X= well these work in theory and look pretty shiny under the used Moscow newspapers, you get a free genuine Kremlin brick with every purchase.
R= The guy that bought this before you was not sauced when the brown truck came and he sent it back.
RS= return to stock--- some one realized this posed more of a hazard to the user than the intended target and they returned it before they lost an eye or some fingers. we'll get the JB weld, it'll be good as new in no time!