View Full Version : my mossberg 702 plinkster (.22lr) review

12-14-2010, 8:53 PM
Just got this one. First impressions: the rifle is VERY light, but sturdy. the charging handle seems like it's a little flimsy, though and I can wiggle it with my fingers. But, seeing as the manual says you have to push it in and pull it out in order to lock/unlock the bolt open, I guess it sort of has to be that way. Hope it doesn't come off someday.

Range impressions:

I put on my Simmons 4x32 scope (the very cheapest model that I got from Turner's for $39.99) and went in to zero it in at the range. Since I'm a newbie, it took me a while to zero it in, but after that, it was fairly accurate for someone at my skill level. 1-2" groups at 25 yards, with no malfunctions out of the 150 rounds I put through it, using Federal .22lr ammunition. It looks like this is going to replace my old Marlin 925S bolt action as my .22 of choice. The only problem is, when I ordered this from Poway Weapons and Gear, the extra magazines that I ordered were out of stock and still out of stock when I got my rifle out of jail. Nuts!!

Unfortunately, the extra magazines are a little more expensive at Cabela's, so I'm kind of hoping that the local Turner's will have extra so I don't have to pay for shipping. But, other than this small problem, I am very pleased with the service at Poway Weapons and Gear. I think I'll buy all my 'whole' guns from them from now on. Great service and great attitude.