View Full Version : WTS: Upper w/ Noveske Recon 16.1", VLTOR MUR, Larue

12-13-2010, 12:12 PM
** SOLD **

Up for sale is a crazy-accurate upper built with the following top-shelf components:

Noveske 16.1" SS Recon Barrel (super accurate, but rated to handle Mk262 at full-auto)

1:7 Twist improved polygonal rifling
5.56 Noveske Match Mod 0 chamber
Mid length gas system
M4 feedramps
1⁄2 X 28 TPI
Bead blasted finish
1″ long gas block seat
Pinned low profile gas block
Medium Contour

VLTUR MUR-1S Upper Receiver
Larue 11.0" FF Rail
Smith Enterprises Vortex Flash Hider
Badger Ordnance Tac-Latch
*BUIS available as a discounted option (see below)
(Red dot and mount not included)
9XX rounds total through barrel: all shot slow-fire for accuracy, no rapid fire whatsoever. According to the interview with John Noveske, his SS barrels have seen accurate service life of over 15,000 rounds.

New upper would cost over $1400 to have professionally built in this configuration--unfortunately Noveske no longer builds factory uppers with Larue rails.

Asking $980 for upper alone (including properly-staked BCG), which is a 30% discount in exchange for still having over 93% of accurate service life of the barrel remaining. Not interested in any trades.

For the buyer of this upper, I am offering your choice of BUIS at a steep discount as an incentive:
Black MI front/rear folding combo for $100 (retails for $200), or Tan/FDE Troy Battlesight combo for $140 (retails for $240)--both have dual aperture, and are low-profile. I will not sell the BUIS alone--only available with the upper!

Upper shown w/ MI BUIS deployed (lower not included):

Pics of upper with Troy Battlesight BUIS folded (red dot and mount not included):




Developing loads for this upper is ridiculously easy--here are two adjacent nodes during load development that show incredible accuracy. This upper shoots like a laser beam. During load development for projectiles ranging from 40-grain to 75-grain, nodes that shot >1 MOA were the EXCEPTION, not the norm. I can send additional target pics upon request. Yes--this 1:7 twist upper shoots 40-grain varmint loads at sub-MOA and does not cause them to tumble, despite internet myths.

Will ship from CO--I have strong personal reference from Calguns on prior sale--can reference if requested.