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12-13-2010, 8:44 AM
does anybody reload these??

12-13-2010, 8:48 AM
Yup. Fun loads and hunting loads. My fun loads are loaded with brit 303 (.313 dia) with trail boss filled to the neck. ;) I love to scare my friends with that round. haha..makes a "poof" sound but the bullet is around 1600fps.. more or less.. zero recoil.

12-13-2010, 9:05 AM
yes, my favorite cartridge to reload for, this is the round that got me into reloading back in 2004 so about 6 years for this one. Depending on which rifle Im loading for I can use either .308 or .310/.311 bullets. I have been using Varget lately, but have also used IMR and H4895 IMR-4064, and even RL-7. Very versatile round, very easy to load for. Power is comparable to or just under .30-06

12-13-2010, 12:49 PM
yup. am using both pulled surplus & commercial bullets, surplus powder, and a variety of commercial powder.

costwise you might as well shoot surplus, but for max accuracy etc. reloading this round is great.

Flyin Brian
12-13-2010, 3:15 PM
I shoot both surplus ammo and reload for this round. I have been using Lapua brass which is expensive but it sure lasts a long time. I also have about 60 Winchester (WWB) casings and they are good quality.

I use a Lee press and Lee dies. The Lee dies come with an expander for .308 bullets which isn't a problem unless you are loading .311 flat base bullets. With the flat base, I ended up crushing a few cases because the neck was too small for the bullet to press in. I called Lee and ordered the expander pin for the 303 Brit and now I can change it out depending on what size bullets I am loading.

I've used the same powders as Noonanda listed, and my current choice is H4895 since it meters well and I can use it for the Garand too.

Cowboy T
12-13-2010, 3:26 PM
Just started with this round recently. Lee will also make a collet neck-sizer for those of us with Mosin-Nagants. They just need a couple of cases and a couple of sample bullets.

For getting brass, I don't bother with either Norma or Lapua, not at well over $1.00/case. Better to get Prvi Partizan *ammo* for less money and keep the brass. It's good ammo, and the Prvi cases are durable, too.

12-13-2010, 4:17 PM
While I have lots of surplus ammo I do have some reloadable brass which I load.

12-13-2010, 4:27 PM
I reload this round for hunting in the lead free zones of Kalifornia with barnes bullets.
I've been using the varget powder, shoots great and clean.

12-14-2010, 4:36 PM
any one know a source for once fired 54R brass?

12-15-2010, 12:33 PM
I don't plan to reload 7.62X54R, surplus is cheap and available. Once that runs out I'll start reloading that stuff most likely.

Full Clip
12-15-2010, 12:47 PM
Yes, been using Big Game and Hornaday .311 150grn SST bullets (http://www.grafs.com/retail/catalog/product/productId/6291)... great for the PSL.
Had used VV, but ran out. :(

12-15-2010, 12:47 PM
I reload for my .303 British and my 7.62 Nato rifles, but haven't got around to reloading for my 7.62X54R rifles yet; just too much cheap surplus ammo out there still...there will come a day.

12-15-2010, 7:14 PM
if you want precision ammo then surplus is not an option. for example feeding an M-28/76 markmans rifle bulgarian surplus ammo is the same as using delinked 7.62 MG ammo for an M-240 in a M-40A3 sniper rifle (which can be done, but defeats alot of the purpose of a precision gun)

12-15-2010, 7:53 PM
OP; yes I do reload 7.62x54r! I use once fired brass from multiple rounds, winchester, prvi, S&B, ect!
So far I have found Varget to be the best option for reloads.

12-15-2010, 8:29 PM
I reload for the 54R, only way to get the best out of your rifles IMO, I use H4895 with great results, wish it metered a little better though.


12-15-2010, 8:38 PM
anybody selling their reloads????

12-15-2010, 9:52 PM
anybody selling their reloads????

I doubt it, i think its illegal unless your a licensed manufacturer.

Army GI
12-16-2010, 12:31 AM
Yes, I do reload this caliber! It's fun! Even though there is a lot of surplus ammo out there, I reload for the fun of it. Plus the range I shoot at does not allow ammo with any steel in it.

You can find brass either by keeping the brass from factory loaded ammo (Priv) or you can buy lapua, winchester, or privi brass.

Lapua brass is too expensive and I only have one box if it.

Privi brass comes in batches at grafs.com. When you see it, make sure you buy yourself enough to last a while!

Winchester brass is especially hard to find, but buffaloarms has some in stock.

The best thing to do, is buy the 150 gr soft point plinking ammo from Privi which will probably cost you $80 per 100 and just save the brass.

12-16-2010, 4:50 AM
anybody selling their reloads????

thats asking for trouble. you dont want to shoot someone elses reloads unless they have a manufacturers license, otherwise if their ammo blows up your gun and or you get hurt there will be no liability insurance to solve your problems. plus you dont know what kind of quality control measures I might use to ensure my ammo is good. I could be drunk right now loading your ammo up LOL (actually Im getting ready for work)

12-16-2010, 5:25 AM
What rifle are you loading for?

I've use Hornady 150 gr SST for the PSL with 49.5 gr of Varget (close to 2900 FPS)

I've also used Hornady 175 FMJ-BT with 44.5 gr of Varget for various M-N

It's the first cartridge I ever load for simply because I hate cleaning PSL after shooting surplus and commercial ammo are expensive or hard to find.

12-26-2010, 1:03 PM
Yup. Fun loads and hunting loads. My fun loads are loaded with brit 303 (.313 dia) with trail boss filled to the neck. ;) I love to scare my friends with that round. haha..makes a "poof" sound but the bullet is around 1600fps.. more or less.. zero recoil.

haha that sounds fun