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12-12-2010, 5:00 PM
I've given up on waiting for the belt fed conversion to hit the market, so this is now up for grabs..

This upper is made with the same quality craftsmanship that all ARES Defense Products have come to be know for. The base model above comes w/ the following options.

* Dual-feed system with optional belt-feed module*

* Piston Operated *

* Quick Change Barrel *

* Fold up charging handle *

* MIL-STD-1913 optics mount on top cover *

* Adjustable Gas Regulator *

* Removable front & rear sights *

* Accepts all SHRIKE barrels,12.5”, 14.5”, 16.25” and 20” lengths *

*Comes with 16.25" barrel*

*Auto Bolt included*

Lightweight Individual Automatic Rifle for squad support. The AAR™ is an upper receiver “performance upgrade kit” to existing AR15/M16 and M4 weapons and is designed for rapid and sustained engagement of point and area targets. The Ares Defense AAR™ is a member of the Shrike 5.56 –Advanced Weapons System™ family and features a quick-change barrel with short-stroke piston, adjustable gas regulator, removable rear sight & fold up non-reciprocation charging handle. MIL-STD-1913 optics mount on top cover is standard and the system can be equipped with optional MIL-STD-1913 rail interface handguard for mounting of current accessories. Weapon feeds from both 30 and 100 round magazines and can be user configured in minutes to patented dual-feed system with optional belt-feed module.


ARES Defense prides itself on quality and attention to detail in all of its products and it’s AAR™ is no exception. Manufactured of the highest quality aircraft alloys, all aluminum surfaces are hardcoat Ares -anodize finished per MIL-A-8625 Type III, Class 2 for corrosion and wear resistance. Pictured at center is the barrel release lever which permits a barrel change in as little as 3 seconds!


The gas block, gas regulator and front sight assembly of the Ares Defense AAR™. Front sight is adjustable for both elevation and windage and can be removed altogether if necessary. The 4-position gas regulator is adjustable for belt-feed 1, belt-feed 2, a reduced-flow magazine/suppressor setting and a gas cut-off setting to prevent the weapon from automatically cycling when desirable. The counter bore visible in the handguard’s front bulkhead (behind the front sight block) is designed to accept a quick-detach, top-mounted ambidextrous sling swivel.

The gas regulator and piston are readily removed from the front of the Shrike 5.56/AAR™ gas block for routine cleaning and maintenance. A cartridge may be used to assist with the rotation of the regulator if carbon deposits build up during hard use.


Pictured is the standard 16.25”. Thick insulated lower handguard liner is provided to protect the operator’s hand from the high heat associated with sustained automatic firing. The top of the alloy handguard is well ventilated to permit faster heat dispersion during hard use.


The robust bolt and barrel extension of the Ares Defense Shrike 5.56™ are used in the Ares Defense AAR™. Notice the lugs on both parts are thicker and designed with a tangent radius profile for increased strength, safety and durability. Manufactured of the highest grade super-alloys and heat treated to exact specifications, these critical parts are specifically designed to handle tremendous amounts of sustained automatic firing from a belt-fed weapon.

Complete disassembly and reassembly of the Ares Defense AAR™ is simple and accomplished in minutes without the use of any tools, other than a single 5.56x45mm cartridge. Designed for hard use, the modular AAR™ (a member of the Shrike 5.56 – Advanced Weapons System™ family) provides the modern operator with the adaptive firepower necessary to prevail on today’s battlefield

This upper is new and has only been fired at the factory. Ther is some wear on the anodizing, but this is how it was received from ARES. Here are the two spots:



Please email me if you have any questions or desire any additional photographs.

$2750 Delivered to CONUS. Located in the San Bernardino area.