View Full Version : Stock refinishing ?

12-12-2010, 3:38 PM
Hi Folks I would like to refinish my stock on my J.C. Higgings model 50 30-06 I would like to do an overlay on top of the old finish.What is a superhard finish I can put on it. In taking the gun apart is there anything to take into consideration. Thanks and a very Merry Christmas to all.

12-12-2010, 7:59 PM
Try this before you commit to a refinish.
Rub the stock down with a rag soaked in turpentine. be careful of exposed end grain that might snag the rag. Let it air dry then wipe it down with a damp rag. Let it dry then spray it down with Murphy's oil soap and wipe it dry. Finally, rub it down with 2-3 coats of Howard's Feed-N-Wax or a paste wax like Johnson's. I think you'll be impressed with the results. :)