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12-12-2010, 7:13 AM
WTS: ACE M4 SOCOM stock with sling swivel

Designed with input from combat experienced SF soldiers. This is the strongest production AR15/M16 stock available! Approximately 6 times stronger than an AR15 A2 stock & receiver extension tube. Ideal for CQB or breaching doors, and without the fear of bending the receiver extension tube ( which disables the rifle ). Adjustable length of pull, adjusts from 7.5" to 9.5" in five 1/2" increments. From the edge back edge of the AR receiver to the closest quadrant of the trigger is 3 1/8" so the length of pull (L.O.P.) would be about 10.6" to 12.6" without the recoil pad.

Closed-cell foam overtube provides an extremely comfortable cheek weld. This stock mounts "rock solid' to the rifle with no movement making it an ideal stock for precision shooting as well. Ambi-sling mount / gusset reinforces the receiver extension tube at its weakest point- just behind the receiver. Four 1.5" totally quiet and fail safe machined in sling-slots allows optimum sling mount flexibility. Comes with your choice of 1.0" or .5" recoil pads. Uses carbine length buffer and spring ( not included ).

L.O.P. fully collapsed 11.0 " and fully extended 13.0" without recoil pad. Weight: 460g (16.5 oz)

Link to product info (http://riflestocks.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=75_76&products_id=186)

This comes with the recoil pad and sling swivel. I am told this is the older model. Mounted on a weapon but never taken out to the field. Essentially new.

Retails for $200 without the sling swivel.
$150 delivered. Will include detachable sling swivel (shown)




rifle not included


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I'll take it per our PM!