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12-12-2010, 7:01 AM
What kind of gear, supplies do you carry when heading out into the wilderness?

12-12-2010, 9:12 AM
That's kind of a broad question, since it depends on the type of hunting (birds, small game, big game, etc.)

I'll use what I carry when I'm deer hunting as an example, though. Since I'm usually going to be gone all day, and often several miles in, on foot, from camp or the truck, I keep the following:

2) 1 quart canteens of water, topped off.
Small first aid kid (bandaids, some disinfectant, aspirin etc.)
Lighter and matches
LED flashlight
LED headlamp (if I anticipate being out past dark or leave camp at dark)
Bucklite Buck Knife (my favorite go-to pack knife)
Tags, licenses, etc. in a sandwich bag
Drag rope
Leather gloves (for the drag rope)
Maps (as needed, but always a good backup to the compass and GPS)
TP (plenty of this - running out of TP is BAD!)
Vaseline or chapstick*
2) spare AA batteries (for flashlight or GPS)
2 or 3 foot length of paracord wrapped around the first aid kit

In addition to all that, I may toss in a spare pair of wool socks (depends on how wet things are likely to be), a wool watch cap, warm gloves, rain gear, a hatchet (rare, I usually have to be going in overnight for that to come along), sleeping bag, bedroll, small nylon tarp and whatever else might be hunt/day/trip appropriate.

Those are the basics, but you'll definitely augment the above with things you may personally need or want. The kicker is the water - it adds almost all the weight to the pack. The pack itself is one of the USGI MOLLE packs from SDS, so it's usually mostly empty. This allows me to layer up heavy in the morning, and shed and pack layers as I need, and then put the back on as I need when things start to cool down.

My loadout will change if it's going to get warm, so I'll bring more water (about a gallon), like if I'm hunting A zone in August or early September. Maybe more ammo if I'm also carrying a sidearm (usually just one spare magazine for the pistol I'm carrying).

If my goal is just a morning hike, say up to a ridge to glass for a few hours, or I plan to sit on a stand most of the day, food and water will decrease, may not bring both lights, etc. If I'm going to be doing something like walking a known trail or road, I may skip the GPS.

I always like to have extra room in my pack, because often enough I will find something really, really neat out there that I want to bring back - antler sheds (found 4 this year, so far), animal skulls/bones, interesting rocks, petrified wood, whatever.

* - the vaseline and chapstick are very good at removing pine sap from your skin and have other uses, like anti-chaffing balm and fire starter.

12-12-2010, 7:59 PM
Great list! Thanks.

12-12-2010, 8:17 PM
Depends on what Im hunting...

For coyote where I dont plan to walk alot I carry (I carry for myself and my 13 yo daughter)
food and drinks
first aid kit
spare ammo
cold weather gear
duct tape
TP (must have)
shooting sticks
plastic bags
.40 pistol and spare mag

loose the sticks and most of the cold weather stuff for bird hunting.

12-12-2010, 8:31 PM
more bullets, water and a knife. I don' need nuth'n else! :D:D