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12-11-2010, 12:33 PM
NIB Blackhawk Xiphos NT weapon light with strobe mode

*This weapon light has gotten great reviews and they seem to be hard to find in stock.

Puts out 90 lumens with a single CR123 battery! As such it's one of the lightest weapon lights available.

The Xiphos NT is a 3-volt rail-mounted LED pistol light boasting 90 lumens of blinding white led light at full power. The digitally controlled "smart" circuitry has been programmed to perform different useful functions while at the same time allowing ease of use, under duress, by the end user. These functions include the same "strobing" feature as on the Blackhawk Night-Ops Gladius enabling the user to disorient a potential adversary and/or "visually distort" the perception of what a potential adversary observes. The "smart" circuitry has been programmed to optimize light output for the entire life of the battery giving an incredible 2 + hours of continuous light output.

The Xiphos NT is designed to be activated with a single hand OR both hands using the ambidextrous digital pressure switch. The switch design is very versatile and intuitive. It can be activated either laterally across the "X" axis of the light (left to right or right to left) OR across the "Y" axis (forward to rear). The revolutionary design of the Xiphos NT features a NEW patent pending "Cam-Clamp" mount that allows the user to quickly install this light onto almost all open and closed rail weapon mounts including picatinny rails, universal rails, and many other types of rail mount designs without the need of any tools. This clamp eliminates the need to slide the light down long rails, but installs directly in the desired location. The Xiphos NT has been designed to mount onto a pistol in an offset manner allowing it to be holstered in the newly designed "light mounted" Level 3 SERPA™ holster system. The SERPA holster technology is rapidly becoming the most popular duty, concealable and tactical holster system on the market for law enforcement, military, and sport shooting enthusiasts. Designing the Xiphos NT to work in conjunction with the SERPA system makes this light/holster combination the most secure, versatile and most effective light/holster system available, where weapon security and rapid weapon accessibility are an absolute must.
Retails for $200.
Asking $130 delivered SOLD



(Glock shown for illustration purposes only. Pistol not included.)


12-11-2010, 5:42 PM
Ill take it!

12-11-2010, 8:02 PM
second in line!