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12-10-2010, 4:22 PM
Well I was going to check out the Excel Arms Accelerator at their factory in Chino but funds dried up real quick come the holidays and I wouldn't be able to buy anything anyway. A semi in .22 wmr would be legit tactical (vs icool) as i'm sure you've read that it is quite a potent and underrated/under utilized round. Reading up more about the .22 wmr apparently it's not just a longer case but also a slightly larger diameter, essentially a bit more like .223.

I received my order of 50 grain Federal Game Shok for my .22lr/wmr convertible Heritage revolver today. It is indeed an impressive round, with actual copper jacket vs the "spray paint-ish" copper on .22LRs.

Now I have asked an employee at Turner's in the past why .22wmr semi carbine/rifles are such a rarity. He said some earlier attempts at the concept were rife with ejection problems.

This is part of why I chose to go with the convertible revolver, ejection reliability would not be an issue. Also I like the SAO operation but that's a tangent.

There still is very little feedback on the Excel Arms showing, which looks like a fantastic product. In pictures it looks more hunting geared, but when you proportion the size of the .22wmr mag that goes in the hand grip, and it's 18" barrel it "should" come out to be about as long overall as the m4/ar-15 .22lr and about as handy except in weight.

Then there's the Kel-Tec RMR which looks like it wants to take full advantage of rimfire leniency in having pretty much every feature that centerfire semis cant. I am eagerly awaiting this one but as with the PMR, Kel-Tec seems to be behind schedule (maybe ejection related?).

I guess the main purpose of this thread is to open for discussion the notion of ejection problems with the .22wmr semis (which i've heard conflicting accounts of). And to get opinions on whether or not there would be a market for versatile, tactical-oriented 22.wmr semis (assuming advances in reliable ejection).

Another point to explore. It could very well be that companies are choosing not to go tactical with the .22wmr because the performance is too similar to centerfire rounds and thus such a move may cause legislation on our beloved rimfires.

In this case I think Excel's, Volquartsen's, and Remington's emphasis on a look and feel more akin to sporting or hunting than tactical is the responsible way to go. The Accelerator in particular looks like a very versatile intermediate-carbine that was made to look sporterized to keep rimfires out of the crosshairs of legislation. That's just my speculation, but if true, it'd be commendable.

The RMR of course looks awesome, but I feel there may be some concern that with performance of the .22wmr, which, out of a carbine barrel, may be too close to low caliber centerfires for the anti-gun lobby, rimfires as a whole may come under attack.

Hopefully theres sufficient meat for a good discussion here.


12-11-2010, 8:00 AM
After all the reading I have done on 22wmr, I am suprised it is not popular. Its a great round!

Tank 57
12-11-2010, 9:32 AM
I have a Grendel P-30.(Kel-tec's previous incarnation.)30 shot .22Mag semi-auto pistol.When I bought it,they recommended only using Winchester ammo.It had extraction problems with all ammo including Winchester.I contacted Grendel and they said to send them the pistol.They send me a replacement with the same serial number.They destroyed the original,said it had an unrepairable headspace problem.New one functions flawlessly with all ammo.Don't shoot it much,.22LR much cheaper.Was sorry to see Grendel go out of business,customer service was outstanding.

Thanks to California's laws,I can sell a pistol I bought legally in California but not the magazines.

My understanding of the problems with semis and 22WMR is high chamber pressures create extraction problems,not ejection problems.Also been an issue with 17HMR.Have been looking at 17s, probably going to buy a bolt gun.

12-11-2010, 10:02 AM
Just Googled the RMR


WANT. Even with 10round mags. It's the first pistol caliber carbine that has ALL of my wishlist, Mag in the grip, H&K style sliding stock, top rail for optics... It's like an CA legal H&K MP7 in a caliber that you could actually buy! If they can keep the price less then $1000 these are going to FLY off the shelves.


12-11-2010, 9:05 PM
Does anyone at all have experience with Excel Arms' 22 wmr semi rifle? Ya the RMR is pretty damn sweet.