View Full Version : Cheapest fire proof safe?

12-10-2010, 8:37 AM
Hi Everyone,

I'd like to pick up a rifle safe for the lowest possible price that carries even a very small fire rating. I'm less interested in actual fire damage than I am in build quality, heft, and moisture resistance. I am willing to gamble a cheaply made but (barely) fire certified safe will out-perform "expensive" gun "cabinets", which seem to me to be made like high school lockers, seem to allow moisture intrusion, and have poor finishes indeed. The cabinets seem more like toolboxes than safes.

So maybe I am looking for a weakly fire-resistant locking cabinet?

Anyways, the cheapest I've seen is the stack-on 8 gun model for $500. Is there a way to find a better price or lower end model for a better price without purchasing a "cabinet" model?

Capacity doesn't need to be more than 4 as rated by the company (we all know their numbers are inflated) but it DOES need to be for rifles, not pistols.

Can't be a nice pelican case or the like, the wife wants something that can't easily walk away.