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07-12-2006, 11:34 AM

America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization

July 12, 2006


You'll recall our alert regarding the BATFE raid on KT
Ordnance, manufacturer of 80% frames that -- when fully
finished by you -- can be used to make AR-15 rifles
[ http://www.jpfo.org/alert20060608.htm ]. Owner Rick
Celata, who had suspended sales after the raid, has
informed us that his lawyer indicated he should return
to production.

The 60th anniversery edition of Shotgun News (July 20th
issue) features a multi-page spread on KTO's products,
which you can order from http://www.ktordnance.com/kto/
(and be sure to mention JPFO!). These 80% frames are
definitely not UN-approved, so support a patriot and
thumb your nose at the UN at the same time!

Additionally, several groups, including JPFO, the Montana
Shooting Sports Association ( www.mtssa.org ) and The
Claire Files online community ( www.tcftalk.com/clairefiles )
are organizing a series of fundraising events for KTO.

JPFO is donating several items to be auctioned, including a
"Boot the BATFE" pin and t-shirt, an _Innocents Betrayed_
DVD (a copy of which the BATFE displayed to local reporters
as part of Rick's "subversive, anti-government" material)
and a copy of _RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone_. We'll let
our supporters know as soon as the auction goes up.

In the meantime, due to the raid and the resultant hold on
sales, Rick's financial situation is seriously stressed.
Montana Shooting Sports Association is collecting donations
for Rick's legal and personal use. If you'd like to help
out with a direct donation, please visit
http://www.marbut.com/KT/ for details.

The BATFE doesn't want you to make your own firearms, and
wants to make an example of Rick. Don't let "The Gang" win
this one -- please help KT Ordnance with a purchase or a

- The Liberty Crew

PS: Who's "The Gang"? Find out at www.jpfo.org/thegang.htm !

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07-12-2006, 11:48 AM
Wow... the site is back up and they're doing the 80% again? That's good news.

Good for them!

07-12-2006, 11:50 AM
Wow... the site is back up and they're doing the 80% again? That's good news.

Good for them!

Yes I spoke to richard the other day and he said it would look better if they kept up the business

He also said they need customers something to the effect they would much rather sell product than take handouts

The KT Ordnance Whiskey Day Memorial Machine
Gun Shoot, 80% Gun Build & Ice Cream Social
July 15-23

Yes that's right, a one week Open House!

This is a vacation the whole family can enjoy. The local area is full of alternatives for those family members that choose to explore.

-- Courses --
*We hope to offer two courses at the BBQ*
Fred's Guide to being a rifleman - Apple Seed Rifle Course ($70)
This is an intense 2-day rifle training course by Fred's M14 Sales.
More Info
Pre-registration Form
Prices are before cut-off date, after will be full price of $100.00
~ and ~
John Moore's Handgun Course ($125.00 - first adult/$50 - Spouse/$25 - children)
Street Survival Skills, Concealed Carry and the proper use of deadly force.
Spouses of law enforcement, fire, paramedics and active duty military - $25.00
Prices are before cut-off date, after will be full price of $150.00 for all

If we can get at least 25 people to sign up for a course...
we'll offer that course at the BBQ.
The cutoff date for course acceptance is June 5th
so sign up now and guarantee your spot.
If a course is cancelled due to lack of interest, all fees will be refunded.

The food will be done by professionals this year. This means that you will be required to pre-purchase your food tickets for each day (one month in advance). You are also welcome to bring your own food.

Entry Fee: $20 per adult, Children under 15 free. (this is for the week)

Meals Fee: $10 per meal (all meals but the Spit Specials)
Spit Special Meal Fee: $15 per meal (see Tentative Schedule)
($170.00 per person for the week - 14 meals and 2 Spit Specials over 9 days)
Order Form

Tentative Schedule

Ted Nugent will be filming KTO for his TV show, and may come to the Open House.

We will have full-auto here as well.

Cowboy Church on Sunday

Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce (hotel info)

For those who will be flying in and wish to ship the
guns, I have set up an FFL to receive them.
He charges $5.00 for the service. Contact JD at:
The Bitterroot Trading Company
408 East Glendale Street
Dillon, Montana 59725
(406) 683-9844




You & your company provide the "missing" component for those wanting to build their own firearms.

I haven't kept track of the number of men I know that have attempted to build FAL's , AR-15's and other firearms from "kits". Only to have what amounts to a display piece at the end of the day, unsuitable for anything except hanging it on a wall.

And that's with a finished FFL transferable receiver to start with!

I routinely, both in person and on my radio show, discourage non-machinists from attempting these type of projects.

The concept of having the builder on-site with professional equipment and expert coaching is (in my opinion) viable and doable.

I applaud your concept and business plan. I wish you every success!

As to the flying with pistols. Maybe I spend too much time dealing with legal matters.

I do routinely meet many men in the gun-culture who have no knowledge that they can fly commercial with firearms, and very few that know the correct procedure.

I have been flying on commercial aircraft with pistols for 30+ years and I teach people in my C.C.W. classes how to carry pistols while flying;

1.) You must declare the pistol (rifle, shotgun) at the ticket counter. Failure to do so is a Federal Felony.

2.) You must demonstrate the firearm is unloaded to the ticket agent.

3.) Any ammunition must be in the factory box. I advise carrying only enough to load the pistol, (or none at all). A full box of 50 rounds will require a "Hazardous Material" sticker (8"X11") on the outside of the container. You really don't want that.

4.) The pistol must be in a lockable hardside case, approved by the F.A.A. If not, they may have one to sell you on the spot (Yeah, this happened to me at Chicago's O'Hare).

The agent will hand you a dayglow orange tag with large black letters "FIREARM UNLOADED" on one side and a place for your signature and the agents signature on the other. The tag goes INSIDE the pistol case.

5.) When you carry the case to the T.S.A. checkpoint (if that's what they do where you are, it varies from airport to airport) , be sure to also tell the T.S.A. person that there is a pistol inside the bag and stay nearby until they signal they're done.

This procedure is routine and done every day of the week. These agents and T.S.A. personnel see rifles, shotguns and pistols coming thru these airports every day. Your pistol is just another boring matter for them to deal with before their next break.

Please feel free to post this memo.


John Moore