View Full Version : Chrome lining 5.45x39 statement and question.

12-08-2010, 11:45 AM
I have always been under the impression that you got a barrel chrome lined or not. But I just recently ordered enough barrels for the multiple kits I have collected over some time. They are not all mine, so on 2 of them, my cousin who is really counting his pennies, we ordered them not chromed. Anyways, the barrels were $x un-chromed, and +25.00 if you wanted them chromed. He drilled his gas port on one of the un-chromed barrels and then we asked if we could swap back the 2 barrels that we got that were not chromed. When we sent them back we thought we would be swapping what we bought with units from the chromed pile. However, the unit that he had drilled, they didn't want to replace with a un-drilled unit, so they told us it would take a couple weeks more since they needed to send the barrel to get chromed.

Just last week, he brought the barrel over, and its chromed now. You can see all the chemical on the outside of the barrel from the process (just like on the original 74/47 barrels ordered chromed), (I learned it looks nothing like hard chroming, hey, I didnt have any idea ;) ), anyways, I never knew you could do it that way, but the more I think about it, the more I realize they obviously have to cut to bore before they chrome them, so do they cut the bore differently for chromed units. Long story short, anyone heard of this? Anyone have any objections? Is the chrome reacting with the metal or is it coating the metal, and if so, is it soooo thin that a prepared non-chromed barrel can be chromed?

Thanks. Lots of dumb questions lately [no such thing as a dumb question right? ;) ] , but pulling out 3 years worth of kits ordered in the past when I thought I would have time and didn't and getting around to it now.