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07-10-2006, 3:40 PM
The county I live in is pretty much shall issue as long as you meet one of their three criteria -

1. Business owner and of necessity transports large sums of money.

2. Law enforcement personnel.

3. Life has been threatened.

Well, this past week I was involved in an incodent in wich I was rearended by someone and when I got out to talk to them and do the exchange of insurance, the driver tried to run me over.....twice and then he left the scene. I chased him down and the sherif was called and got the guy to stop. I guess the guy was trying to say that I had rearended him and then I was chasing him and he was scared. Bottom line was that he hit me and I only pursued him to keep track of him while law enforcement was en route, I know I probably shouldn't have but this wasn't in any sort of a developed area. Long story short, a report was made and nobody was arrested but I was told that he would be "dealt with", I am guessing that meant a ticket of some sort but they wouldn't tell me.

So my question is, do qualify as having my life threatened? or does there need to be some sort of fellony arrest involved?

07-10-2006, 3:53 PM
I would say most likely no. Based on the fact that it was an isolated incident and no an ongoing problem...It is worth a try though!

07-10-2006, 5:21 PM
What's stopping people from making a fake police report saying that someone has been calling late at night and making death threats... And then applying for a permit?

*hint hint* (just kidding)

No, seriously, those do sound like cheesy guidelines.

07-10-2006, 8:56 PM

Newer, more up to date info on the state of CCW in California.

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Bill in SD