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11-26-2010, 11:19 PM
Hello CG'ers,

Have a question - the DE Mark XIX has a spring that fits on the firing pin stop that is there allegedly so it passes the CA drop test.

Does anyone have a diagram that shows the correct position of this spring? I have called Magnum Research several times about this - but the last time I talked to them they said they don't have such a diagram.

I think I have the spring in the right position - but would like to check here. I have searched this site and google - the one google hit that I did read just said to replace it with a non-CA firing pin stop.

Thanks In Advance,
John W.

11-27-2010, 6:12 PM
Theres a couple springs in there if I remember right. Mag research said I would need a standard firing pin plate but I stripped the one I have and it works fine without the extra safety parts and its way easier to take apart and reassemble

11-27-2010, 7:47 PM
I read in another post on another site a guy ended up doing the same thing.

I guess I will call MR and order the standard firing pin plate.

11-29-2010, 12:48 AM
I just removed mine and yanked the safety pin out with a needle nose. now its back to standard. plus its a hell of a lot easier for taking out the firing pin

12-01-2010, 12:56 AM
Yep, called MR and ordered the standard plate plus MR had the drawings and FAXED 'em over so I can see what the correct procedure is for removal and replacement.

12-08-2010, 6:35 PM
If anyone is interested - MRI sent me the color print-out of the instructions on how to deal with the plunger spring.

If anyone is interested - PM me and I will e-mail you a scanned copy.

01-26-2015, 5:13 PM
I have had a few inquiries about this thread lately - I have attached the URL where the doc can be downloaded: