View Full Version : Anyone shoot Military Rifle Silhouette match at Sac Valley

11-25-2010, 2:02 PM
A couple of questions for those of you shooting Military Rifle Silhouette match at Sac Valley. I have never been there but it seems like a fun way to burn some ammo.

So what kind of ammo do you guys use? From the website it looks like FMJ are out. Do most of the guys shoot hunting ammo or reload but even with reloading seems the options are limited since the majority of bullets offered are FMJ or do you guys shoot lead.

How would a Russian Mosin sniper with 3.5 x scope be classified; original military or open class?

And do they really have a match every month and how many people usually shoot in a match?

Any other helpful tips are also welcome

11-25-2010, 10:25 PM
I'm curios about the ammo usage also. I've got a mosin and purchased some soft point hunting rounds for the times I've shot there (non-competition days). I haven't started to hand load this yet.

11-26-2010, 6:23 PM
If you don't reload AND it's your first time out for the match, they will let you shoot surplus ball ammo (fmj).

Most everyone who shoots it hand loads. Those that don't, buy factory hunting ammo (soft point stuff). If you do reload there is actually a pretty good selection of bullets available for the 7.62x54.

Except for the Swiss GP11 and some of the Swedish ammo, most surplus is not that accurate.

We really do have a match every month. Always the 3rd Saturday of the month. Usually between 25-30 shooters. We can accommodate up to 40.

Your Mosin sniper would shoot in the open class even if it all original. Open class is for scoped and target sight rifles. The scope need not be original either. The "As Issued" class is for iron sighted as issued rifles only.

Helpful tips?

A shooting mat of some kind is nice as we shoot of a concrete deck. No bipods are allowed, but any other non-mechanical front rest is ok. Most guys use a combination crate/ammo box and small sand bag for the front. No rear rests are allowed.

The match is low key and very relaxed, with a great bunch of guys and gals. Come on out and have fun. Next match is Dec 18.

11-26-2010, 6:59 PM
I don't shoot Sac Valley, but I shoot my Garand in the Pala Military Rifle Silhouette matches. As typical of all these shoots, they really don't like you shooting FMJ because of the target damage, so I've worked up a load using 200 grain gas checked cast (Lyman mold 311299). I have never seen anyone on the line with a scoped rifle down here. The vast majority of rifles on the line down here are 1903 bolt rifles - I'm the odd man out with the Garand. It's a total blast though, but beware - it is very addicting, so have a ready supply of ammo...