View Full Version : Black Friday sales spotting scope at big 5

11-24-2010, 7:18 PM
Hi all, I just looked at the Big 5 ad for Black Friday and they have a Bushnell Sentry II 18 to 36 power spotting scope for $99 before 3 pm. Is this a OK scope? I want something I can see bullets hit the target a 100yrds. I dont shoot long range but get tired of waiting and walking up to my target so I would like a spotting scope but I dont want to get any junk I cant use. Does anyone know about spotting scope or have any other good Black Friday sales?

11-26-2010, 5:52 PM
Big 5 was LOADED today in Walnut Creek with MN's and other goodies

11-26-2010, 7:56 PM
well, here's a little tip for next year. the big 5 truck comes in on tuesdays in my area. So if you go in tuesday or wednesday, they will still have all or most of what they got in, it's not busy & so you can pick the best ones. The big 5 in redwood city, had three; 2 with half assed bores, plus one double date with a pretty good bore..Didn't buy it since i'm looking for collectible shooters, and i wasn't too sure about the barrel (brought calipers, a flashlight and a bullet)
Decided to also check out big 5 san mateo; 5 mosins. bought 2 of them; both new bores, no electro pencilling, 1 with the correct pre war stock and beautiful wood. Bought the other one for it's bore condition, should be a good shooter.
You then go back on friday for the price adjustment. By doing this you first of all get to work your way to whatever they get in, plus you get the best deal as well..... so i got 2 great mosins that i get to inspect for a little over $200 :p