View Full Version : Tarus PT-99 Blued $350

11-21-2010, 6:50 PM
I have a taurus 9mm pt99 that was made somwhere from the late 80's to the earily 90's or so I am told. Its a great shooter. I have one high cap mag with it, (not sure if its legal to sell with it). It has the rosewood grips and is in decent shape. Its not a show peice but its not beat to hell either. I have never had it jam on me or give me any problems whatsoever. I have put about 500-1000 rounds through it in the past 2 years but am not sure how many were put down before me. It is much better that the late model pt92's and the beretta 92. I'll get more pics soon, I am located in san mateo which is inbetween san francisco and san jose. For $50 I'll throw in 350-400 rounds of ammo too, I am unsure if I have 7 or 8 boxes. Email me at JTBolt68@yahoo.com for pics, the pics I have are too big for the fourm.

11-21-2010, 8:48 PM
ill take it..