View Full Version : Saiga 12 Conversion Triggerguard/MagLock Suggestions?

11-20-2010, 1:18 PM
I got a Saiga 12 and want to do the conversion myself. I would like to move the trigger forward, install a pistol grip and mag lock.

Right now there is a OC Armory mag lock but they said it won't work for the conversion and it needs to be replaced.

I don't know which trigger guard to use. There are several out there but I have to figure out how to install a mag lock also in addition to the trigger guard.

Not sure which are compatible.

Any suggestions?

And for the trigger itself, what parts do I need to move it forward? Will a tapco AK trigger set work? Or are there specific parts just for the conversion that people make.

Pics and suggestions welcome...Thanks :)