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11-19-2010, 2:12 PM
FROGLUBE is a 100% biodegradable CLP for all firearms. I am shooting all of my guns WITHOIL oil. Plus, I can clean them in the kitchen, because FROGLUBE does not have an unplesant odor.

FROGLUBE seasons into metal and lubricates as the gun gets warm. Carbon won't stick to it and oxidation cannot form since there is no water, wax or oil in it. Flashpoint is 700 degrees F and it has been used at -50 degrees.

Has anybody else tried FROGLUBE? I am the California distributor, and can answer any questions about the product. I offer free demos at our El Cajon office.

The owner of FROGLUBE is a retired Navy SEAL, he has fired 3000 rounds through his AR15 without cleaning it. A trainer in Texas has not cleaned his Glock in 7 months and never had a failure with FROGLUBE.

You can buy on line at www.utvtactical.com.

Please note: I am new to blogging and hope I am not breaking any rules.