View Full Version : Will you be available on Black Friday? 10 day wait over that day!!!!

11-17-2010, 4:38 PM
I just realized my gun pickup is on black friday. I called today and was told you guys may be going to the gun show on sat and sun. Which made it sound like you may not be open friday?
Its a 2 hr trip for me to get to your store, and I would love for someone to be there at 10:45 so I can pick it up. I would hate to show up and find you were closed.

Is there a way to get an answer for sure soon.

But lets say for some reason your closed on friday ( which would totally suck, at time of purchase I wasnt told anything about not being opened because I asked about the hours for that day), now I would hate to do this, but would I be able to pick up at the gun show, I looked on the map and it looks to be near your store. Only reason I would hate to do this is all the extra cost to get in, just to pick up an order.

Its hard enough to wait 10 days, to have to wait 13 days then.
Just finding out that you may be closed has really bummed me out, seems like every gun purchase has been jinxed by either holidays, or weekend closures.
My last rifle I got from you, sent to my ffl came with no mag at all, even though you did send it out a few days later. I would like this to go smoothly since its such a long distance to pick it up.

11-18-2010, 11:53 AM
Got e mail today saying they will be open, so hopefully nothing will change. Im very happy now that they are open that day. Now the wait :boat: