View Full Version : is carbon 15 .22 complete rifle legal for ca?

06-23-2006, 3:50 PM

06-23-2006, 3:53 PM
Unlike the feds there isn't a law in california stating that just having the parts means your going to do something with them.

I.e. you can have a grenade launcher attachment, but until you attach it to the rifle its okay.

ANY RIFLE RIMFIRE over 26" in length is exempt from SB23. So its legal and any other 22 you can think of that is longer than 26" is legal.

50 Freak
06-23-2006, 3:57 PM
If you are referring to the Professional Ordnance CARBON 15 in 22.

It's a grey area in my opinion. True it's a dedicated 22 rifle and the the lower will not take a standard AR upper. It will however take a Professional Ordnance CARBON 15 223 upper.

All you have to do is change out the buffer tube from the 22 to the 223 version and you've created yourself a CARBON-15 in 223, which is banned.

A dealer friend of mine called the DOJ on this and they said they are aware of it taking PO uppers and they said in their opinion it's illegal. But were not willing to put that in writing. This was about 3 years ago way before the whole OLL thing. So I'd be interested to know their opinions now.

06-24-2006, 11:53 AM
This just shows how important it is to get this kind of thing in writing. A couple years ago when Artherd and I were just getting into trying to find what loopholes we could exploit we were looking at the vulcan 22. I called DOJ and at the time they said that as long as .22 Long Rifle was stamped on the side of the receiver it would not be considered under the Assault Weapons ban because it would be considered a rimfire weapon. We called Vulcan and told them what DOJ had said and they said "We'll do that for you but get it in writing" so I called DOJ back and not only would they not put it in writing but they wouldn't even answer my question. Our first experience of why certified letters are so important =)