View Full Version : How To recover data from a "NO BOOT" hard drive

11-14-2010, 8:07 PM
Thought I would pass along the way I recover data from a non booting hard drive. If a drive starts to go corrupt or fails often times it trashes one or more of the windows files and you get a blue screen or black screen. The drive is still in good enough shape to recover files.

There are several ways to get the info back if the drives is spinning and detected in the bios. One of the best ways to get a drive that is garbage is by using recovermyfiles. Its not free but if the drive can be seen but not read this program will recover all it can. It is the best I have used in 16 years.

The second way to get your stuff is to have a bootable "Live" Linux cdrom handy. You can down load a Ubuntu iso file to another computer. Download tinyisoburner. Install tinyiso and burn the iso to a cdrom. Take the newly created cdrom with ubuntu over to the crashed computer and boot to the cdrom. Ubuntu will come up and then you can browse to see if your old files are there on the hard drive. If the files are there shut down the computer. Plug in an external usb hard drive and boot to the cdrom again. Then browse to your files and the ext hd and copy paste from your files to the ext hd.

Last way to get the files is to get an external multi hard drive adapter and remove your non booting hd from the computer. Plug the external adapter into another computer and plug in your failed drive. With luck you will be able to copy paste your files over to the spare comp.

There is one last way involving Acronis disk trialware for home computers and burning a emergency cdrom and booting to that and creating a backup to an external hd.