View Full Version : Have a M53 question

11-14-2010, 7:05 PM
So my question about the M53: Is it cali legal? and if so do you have to make any additions or mods to it to make it cali legal, and if so, can you only use a 10 rd belt, or what? I'd really like one, but i didnt know if it was even feasible

11-15-2010, 9:47 AM
Henderson Defense had them for a short while when they had BB for it (Using the top cover) and fixed a drum. I wanted one for a while but didn't have the money and now they are out of it. I dont know if it sold well enough for them to retrofit more. I'd say contact them and see if they'd do one up for you. There were a few calgunners that bought them. Maybe they can chime in with more info. :D

11-15-2010, 8:31 PM
does anyone else have any info? I'd love to get my hands on one.