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06-22-2006, 6:43 PM
Hi all. I picked up my R22 that I bought from a forum member. Got it home and immediately went into "play with it" mode. Found out some interesting things. The 10 round Butler Creek Hot Lips mag slid right into the magwell and locked in to place no problem. So far, so good.

Next I took one of my 25 round hot lips mags and tried to insert it. No luck. It would not lock into place for anything. After a bit of trying to figure out why the 10 rounder worked and the 25 wouldn't, I finally noticed that the deminsions of the two different mags was different. So I bust out the micrometer and start measuring the two. I found that on the 25's, the main "block" housing that has the large round button and the smaller pin (what holds it into place) is taller than the 10 rounder.

Since I have an abundant supply of 25's, I took the dremel tool to the top edges of the mag housing and took it down a few millimeters. It finally fit with no effort. It also fit in my 10/22 with no apparent adverse effects.

Anyone have a similar experience?

So I get to the range the other day and function test it. I don't have an optics on it yet, just wanted to see if it ran okay. First the 10 round mag; every other round it would jam up after some very bad sounds from the round going off and a lot of smoke. Inspection of the spent casings revealed that the ectractor was ripping the rim right off the casings. :confused: So now I try the 25 rounders. Same effect. Also if I loaded more than 10 rounds in the hi cap, it would not feed the round into the chamber. It shoved the round up too far and wedged it just above the bore.

I figure that both the gun and the mags needed to be broke in. The rifle and mags were all in new condition. After several runs using the 10 rounder, the mag began to spilt open, due to the casings being ripped open before the round was fully fired? Each time I went through a mag load, the ripped casings became less frequent. Finally I switched over to the 25 rounder and if I only ran 10 rounds in it, the ripped casings stopped and the gun worked flawlessly.

Again, anyone have similar issues/ experiences or any advise? I'm hoping that per the Rhineland website, the mag just needs to be broke in some more so I can top it off. Overall, it is a cool rifle. Just a little scary for the first couple hundred rounds. Thanks in advance.

06-25-2006, 2:00 PM
I've not heard of the rounds being ripped up like you describe. That's odd. What gen (serial a, b, or c) is this?

06-25-2006, 2:26 PM
I'd send it back to have it looked at.

06-25-2006, 3:11 PM
To me, that sounds like your bolt was not fully seated when the round went off (potentially dangerous). This could be caused by the weapon being to tight since it was new and the bolt was not closing fully. The way I would confirm is to load one round into the chanber (without a magazine) and manually insure that the bolt is fully seated before you fire. then try it with the magazine. If the first shell casing is normal and the second was ripped then you have a problem. the tightness could be from newness or the magazine may be too tall and rubbing on the lower end of the bolt. either way I would get your firearm checked by a smith or the manufacturer. there could be some tolerance problem with the magazine or the magwell. good luck

stay safe