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06-19-2006, 4:00 PM
Has anayone gotten a letter saying that it is ok? Just curious what is the final word on rimfire ar's.

06-19-2006, 4:07 PM
There should be no issues when slapping a 22lr to your ar lower. I was considering purchasing one of those 22lr conversion kits for my sporter. All the kit consist of is the bolt and spring..nothing to it really. :)

06-19-2006, 4:37 PM
It's been posted numerous times, but I would avoid using the "conversion kit" 22LR mods. It's too close to a standard 223, and if you can fit a standard AR magazine into it, that's REALLY tempting to any kind of overzealous DA. Now, if you plan on loading it flop-top style with a pinned mag, that's not a problem.

But if you want to take advantage of the "not-centerfire" status so you can have a detachable mag and pistol grips, then make absofreakinglutely sure that you're using a dedicated upper that's difficult to remove so that they can't just say you were going to swap it over to a centerfire upper, AND that it will not accept standard AR mags with the upper installed. For perspective, the V-22 has a ridiculously tight fit, and I'm not even sure it COULD be removed without tools. I know I always have to use a polymer punch, a hammer, and plenty of force to remove the upper when doing maintenance.

06-19-2006, 4:42 PM
Geez now I know why the older guys on the forum get pissed when they post the same thing 3 million times a month...please use the search button on top. It works wonders for questions like yours.:D

06-19-2006, 5:02 PM
From a thread dated from DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY.... geez... look around, search a little.


Search is your friend...

Try the first two links... and the others if you want more info... it's been discussed at great length a number of times...