View Full Version : Hunting with OLL AR's.

06-18-2006, 3:06 PM
good idea bad idea?

I want to hunt with my OLL ar...I've got an m1A scoped but it's off at SA getting repaired and would rather try my AR out.

I would like to hunt yotes or some smaller boar's out there. Anyone who has an opinion of hutning with the OLL or hunting yotes with it... Post away. Anyone who knows where hunting coyotes are allowed, let me know. The last time i went hunting was back in 1993 or something like that. And it was for rabbits :D

06-18-2006, 7:09 PM
this thread has some pretty good info in it


07-09-2006, 9:05 AM
A AR rifle in .223 is perfect and fun for coyotes, bobcats, grey fox, badger, jack rabbits etc....

I switched to a Bolt action .223 for CA mule deer about 6 years ago and I haven't looked back!!!!!! I limit my shots for 200yards or less and use a 55gr. soft point bullet.

6 years and 8 bucks later, I haven't lost one buck that I shot with my bolt action .223!!!!

Now, for pigs,,,,,negative on the .223. Unless you get the right head shot, don't do it. Move up to a .243 as minimum for pigs. That's just my opinion.

Go anywhere in the CA desert with a coyote caller and camoflauge (sp?). Call into the wind and wait for them to come runn'n. Move on after about 15 minutes for coyotes f you don't see any. Just move down about 3/4 of a mile and do it again. I drive, walk about 100 yds from the concealed vehicle and call. After 15 min, go back to vehicle, drive for 3/4 of a mile and do the same process over and over again. The most I ever got on one day of coyote shooting was 11. That was sun up to sun down with a friend to act as a second set of eyes and he worked the callers.

AR's and the new Mini's are fun for coyotes.