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11-06-2010, 9:14 AM
I hate to do this, but I'm selling my first handgun, a Walther P22. This was purchased from another Calgunner in 2009. Original owner put roughly 500 rounds through it; I put another 800 rounds through it from 2 basic handgun courses and a few range trips. The P22 has been flawless with high velocity ammo, such as CCI Mini-mags and CCI Stingers.

The reason I'm selling is that the P22 now sits in the safe since I bought and primarily shoot a Walther P99. I thought my wife would use it should we go to the range together, but she's not interested. As such I would rather see someone else own, use and enjoy the P22 rather than let it sit.


Here's what is included:

1x Walther P22 w/ owner's manual (owner's manual not pictured)

4x OEM magazines with finger rest, 10rd capacity

1x OEM P22 Laser w/ instructions (instructions not pictured)

2x OEM flat magazine base plate

1x OEM finger rest magazine base plate

1x OEM scope mount

1x OEM electronic scope w/ instructions (instructions not pictured)

1x SKB small gun bag (as I no longer have the box the P22 came with)

1x nylon belt holster

1x Master Lock gun lock

1x box CCI Stinger (50-round box)

1x OEM large backstrap, assorted front sights, key for integrated lock, assorted factory tools, and spent ammo casing fired at factory (not pictured)

1x set of snap caps (not pictured)

The P22 is in excellent condition as are all the other items. This being my first handgun, I took extra care of it - cleaned after every use, properly maintained it, etc. I can honestly say that the P22 does not look or feel like it has had 1300 rounds through it.

I'm looking to get SOLD for the entire package. I'm not looking to ship and would like to do FTF transaction, possibly at Turners Pasadena, Bain and Davis, etc. The buyer is responsible for all fees (DROS, PPT, etc.).

Please PM with any questions. First "I'll take it" post followed up with a PM to confirm purchase, gets this P22 package.

Thanks for looking!

Update 11/6/10: I'm open to trade for a Benelli Supernova Tactical shotgun. I'd be interested in the one with the 18" barrel, ComforTech stock, and either rifle or ghost ring sights. Can add a bit of cash to make things work. Thanks!

11-06-2010, 12:48 PM
I ll take it. pm send,I live in near down town L. A.

11-06-2010, 3:42 PM
Second in line if first falls through.