View Full Version : Sold!! (price dropped!): Sig P226 (9mm) 22lr Conversion Kit + Ammo (Sacramento)

11-03-2010, 8:39 AM
I am selling a minimally (1 box of 300-500 rounds) used 22lr conversion kit for a P226 (9mm, not sure if it can be used with a P226 40/357; I believe it's okay but please do your due diligence if this applies to you).


It also comes with upgraded parts from sigpower (sigpower.com) -- if you're not familiar with these upgrades, a little research will convince you that they are good to have.

Package pricing includes all the ammo you'll need (range to mini-mag) for at least the next month or so. :)

Greater Sacramento area FtF only. Can meet you at the range to try it before you buy; BYOS and CCI Mini-Mag. :)

Package price: $SPF; I don't have itemized pricing but PM me with offers on the kit alone or (for all you GSG'ers) all the ammo (not piecemeal selling the ammo right now). Preference will go to a buyer who wants the whole package. Lowball offers will be ignored. :)

Package details:
1) P226 22lr conversion kit w/ 1 factory mag
2) Sigpower guide rode w/ black cerahide finish (1 installed + factory plastic guide rod included): https://www.collectors-society-slabs.com/shoppingcart/products/226-%252d-Black-Stainless-Steel-Guide-Rod-%252d-22LR-%252d-Cera-Hide-finish.html
3) Sigpower followers (1 in mag + 3 spares): https://www.collectors-society-slabs.com/shoppingcart/products/Follower.html; factory follower and spring included
4) Sigpower mag springs (1 in mag + 3 spares): https://www.collectors-society-slabs.com/shoppingcart/products/Magazine-Spring-.html
5) CCI Mini Mag 22lr HP (100/box): 7 boxes
6) CCI Mini Mag 22lr Round Nose HV (100/box): 3 boxes less 10 rounds
7) Federal 22lr Copper plated HP (36gr, 550/box): 5 boxes
8) Federal Auto Match (40gr, 325/box): 4 boxes
9) Blazer 22lr (40gr, 500/box): 1 box
10) Winchester Super X 22lr (T22 40 gr, 500/box): 1 box less 100 rounds

11-03-2010, 5:59 PM
Updated to reflect a motivated price -- something came up and I need to sell more quickly.

11-04-2010, 5:55 PM
C'mon guys. 6000 rounds = lots of fun. :)