View Full Version : Rock River Single Stage Trigger kit question

11-01-2010, 7:43 PM
Does anyone know what the RRA single stage trigger kit comes with?

Their website is extremely vague and all it says is "RRA 9mm Single stage trigger kit". I have a complete lower minus the fire control group, so pretty much, I need a trigger, hammer, disconnector, springs for each of the three as well as pins. I don't want to order the kit and find out it doesn't have all this stuff, but at the same time I don't want to order all the additional stuff and find out that I have two of everything.

Jon Se
11-02-2010, 6:24 AM
Well their 2-stage trigger kit comes with everything you mentioned above so I don't see any reason why that their single stage would be different.

11-02-2010, 6:30 AM
Call RRA and ask them.