View Full Version : Glock 21 Ameriglo night sights and factory barrel

11-01-2010, 5:12 PM
First up is a set of Ameriglo Night Sights dated 2010 (bought them about four months ago) I really like the plastic factory sights (dont hate) more than the three dot sights, so I went back. These are green/green and are product number GL-119. The box lists that these will work for 20,21,29,30,31,32 and 36. They are then standard night sights, so they have white circles around the tritium viles. I dont remember what these retail for, but I think $50 shipped is a fair price. If whoever buys these does not have a sight pusher I would be more than happy to install them for you. Just ship me your slide and I'll install them and ship them back at no extra cost.
Next up I have a replacement factory barrel for a Glock 21. My original had a couple of weird marks on the barrel, so I bought this replacement from Glockmeister, but the weird marks in my original barrel seem to have become less obvious and don't affect the accuracy of my gun, so I decided not to use the replacement barrel I bought. If I need one down the road I'll just buy another. This has had 0 rounds through it and it was purchased brand new. I paid I think $140 for it and I would like to get $120 shipped for it.

I want to reitterate one more time that the night sights have been installed before, but it was only for a couple months before I switched back to the factory sights. They dont have any dings or chips and are good to go!

Email me at LS1gregg@gmail.com if interested.