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10-31-2010, 9:26 AM
I want to get a 1917 Colt .45 acp revolver from out of state. I know its a C&R status handgun. Its obviously not on the approved list. I do not hold a C&R license.

Can I get that handgun to my local California FFL and do the DROS? My FFL is very nice so I may need a penal code, CCR Reg or something to show him if I can do this.

I tried the search function, but was unable to locate an answer. Thanks!!

10-31-2010, 9:43 AM
C&R handguns are exempt from the roster, so just have it sent to your local FFL and have him do a roster-exempt DROS to you.

12125. (a) Commencing January 1, 2001, any person in this state who manufactures or causes to be manufactured, imports into the state for sale, keeps for sale, offers or exposes for sale, gives, or lends any unsafe handgun shall be punished by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year.

(b) This section shall not apply to any of the following:
(3) Firearms listed as curios or relics, as defined in Section 478.11 of Title 27 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

10-31-2010, 4:41 PM