View Full Version : Who else makes a pivot mount for a magnafier....

10-31-2010, 8:11 AM
beside LaRue? Their product is nice but expensive.

Just looking for options.

Thanks. :)

FYI, I've posted this in the optics section and with 31 hits... no comments. :(

Thought I would try here.


10-31-2010, 8:31 AM
I've only used pivot mounts from LaRue and Samson. Either of them are proven to work although I trust the LaRue more since it doesn't slide around like the Samson FTS.
I've seen 1 clone Samson FTS that broke within 10 minutes of hard use. I thought Primary Arms was coming out with one? No idea on reliability and ruggedness though.

10-31-2010, 9:09 AM
Samson I believe makes a FTS mount, so does EOTech (way too much $$$), Primary Arms also has one and I believe it is in it's second version? Not sure on that last one.

I have the LaRue and I also had a clone before it. DONT GO CHEAP.....my clone one did not line up even with the rail! When you put in the magnifier, it was favoring the left side of the rail and the internal adjustment of the magnifier was not enough to compensate for it.

Honestly, if you cant fork up the cash for $150 for the LaRue, then just get a quick release 30mm mount.....I find that I dont "flip it to the side" that often anyways :)