View Full Version : Mounting Rope Lights in Safe Q

10-31-2010, 12:19 AM
So i finally got around to picking up some rope lights. Wall-mart had 18 foot strands for like $4 or $5. Any suggestions on mounting them inside the Costco Canon-20 safe? They come with some hardware but I wasn't sure if drilling into the wood of the carpeted safe internals is a good idea or not? I mean what happens when the lights dye? How long do these lights really tend to last before I have to pull them out and drill more holes? Do these really keep the safe dry as effective as a goldenrod?

One thing I have noticed since getting lights in the safe is that the hinge side leaves a good amount of area open at the top and bottom near the corver of the door. The safe does not seem sealed very tightly at all. Anyone else notice this?

Thanks for any tips in advance.