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10-30-2010, 4:08 PM
The other week I had HateCA install one of his RAD brakes onto my Savage bolt gun, .308, for me and I was finally able to get it out to the range today.

I like this brake alot, once I got my USO zeroed in and figured out how to use the EREK elevation knob as a zero stop (pain in the asz doing it the first time) I got down to shooting some groups with my remaining ammo.

Shooting a 5 shot group from roughly 100 yards (my range finder's battery died instantly) I used my pace count to establish a rough 100 yard distance, I jerked the second round causing a flier with the other 4 rounds giving me a group of .557" center to center.

Out of curiousity I removed the brake and shot another 5 round group. I experienced a shift in impact taking the brake off, total of .7 mils up and .3 mils to the left. The non braked group was slightly larger coming in at 1" exactly.

Then to see if it would be repeatable I reattached the brake and shot my last round of my handloads, putting it dirrectly in the center of the first group. I'm possitive if I had brought more ammo with me I could have continued the on and off test and it would prove that the shift is repeatable and constant. Its good to know that info.

The differences I noticed in between the braked and non braked was not huge but there, it is without a doubt an effective brake, I shot a total of 50 rounds with only 5 being un braked and I'm not sore, no headache or fatigue that I would normally feel after shooting as little as 30 rounds before. Additionally it changed the tone of the report, without the brake the gun had a deeper boomier report, and with it is higher pitched, but some of that could be the physical layout of the range and the positioning of the berms reflecting the noise differently.

I also learned that I really need to use a rear bag and not use my suppert hand when shooting for groups as my groups were much taller than they were wide, at the widest, including the flier, the one group was .636" but with the flier, over an inch tall. The next time I shoot I will remember my rear bag and I'm sure my groups will shrink without the influence of my pulse.

In conclusion, buy this brake, it works and isn't as bulky as the Badger FTE but just as effective.

10-30-2010, 6:31 PM
Good info. I hope to test mine in the morning.

11-06-2010, 4:56 PM
Finally put some rounds down range today. Best way to put it is WOW. The recoil reduction is significant. My 7mm RM at 15.5 lbs now recoils maybe a touch more than my 9ish lb AR15. Muzzle jump is significantly reduced as well. I can easily stay on target after the shot. Makes 70+ round sessions a breeze. And I am sure it make shooting the next day much less punishing as well. I did need to re-zero my elevation by about 1 moa at 200 yds, none on windage. The scope as removed during the install so that could have changed it a bit also. All in all a definite recommend.

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hill billy
11-06-2010, 7:02 PM
I have three, they work well.