View Full Version : wasr 10 help

10-29-2010, 8:50 PM
Im new to calguns and never realy posted on one of these forums. so here goes i need some help, I just bought a wasr10 from turners yesterday for 399.00. its a century import that was never modified durring the assault weapons ban(im assuming) so it has a single stack mag. ive looked around and found a couple who modified the mag for a double stack mag themselves with a dremel. but from what i understand about the law that takes the weapon away from the sporting rifle category right? and if so now it needs to be 922 compliant. so my question is about the muzzle they put some kind of cap over the threads and wealded it to the barrel so does this count as a part or is it considered part of the barrel because its perminately attached? Im so confused on these laws i need some help here guys. thanks

10-30-2010, 12:23 AM
if its welded on its part of the bbl.
You can have it removed, and install an american made comp or flash hider, which would count towards 922r.

p.s. Welcome to Calguns and good luck with your WASR. I have a 10-63 myself and I LOVE it.