View Full Version : Eliminating play between AR upper and lower receivers VERY cheaply

B yond
10-29-2010, 7:04 PM
I have a Stag-15 OLL and two different uppers (so far :D) from two different manufacturers. There has been a little bit of play or "slop" in the fit between the lower and both upper receivers.

I bought an AccuWedge to remedy this, but it didn't fit my Stag lower. I cut it down until it did fit, and it remedied the problem with one upper but not the other. :(

Then I noticed a roll of electrical tape sitting on my dresser and a lightbulb lit above my head. I cut very small strips and squares of electrical tape and applied them to strategic points along the flat surfaces on the top of my upper, doubling them until the right fit was achieved with the tighter of my two uppers. Then, I did the same to strategic points along the flat surface on the bottom of my looser upper receiver until the fit on that upper was perfect as well.

Now I have two uppers that fit my lower perfectly and snugly, and I'm still able to pull the takedown pin without tools. None of the tape is visible when the rifle is closed.

I'm just a little bit proud of myself for coming up with such a cheap solution after the AccuWedge didn't work out so well. :)

Thought I'd pass it along.

10-29-2010, 7:12 PM
That;s cool -- but I thought there was SUPPOSE to be some play. Play would not affect accuracy since the sights and barrel are all on the upper. Some rattle more than others, but no one has explained why a tight fit would be necessary.

10-29-2010, 7:14 PM
I bought an accuwedge and after 1 hunting trip the rattle was back. I need more "wedge" lol

10-29-2010, 7:28 PM
That electrical tape is gonna fall off......just give it some time.

10-29-2010, 7:31 PM

B yond
10-29-2010, 7:32 PM
-I don't expect it to do anything to help or hurt the rifle's accuracy. I just didn't like the rattle.

-I also don't expect it to fall off. I don't oil those surfaces, and the tape will be under pressure most of the time. I could be wrong. I'll post an update if I am.

B yond
10-29-2010, 7:33 PM
If I can figure out where my wife left the camera I'll post a picture.....

10-29-2010, 7:36 PM
I've done something very similar with tape also before. Works well.

I don't like the rattle either. I like my guns tight whether it affects accuracy or not...mechanical, intrinsic, or psychological.

10-29-2010, 7:37 PM
Used the electrical tape gasket for 23 years with Service rifles.


10-29-2010, 7:42 PM
Used the electrical tape gasket for 23 years with Service rifles.


It didnt slop all over the place after it heated up..??? I'll be damned....

10-29-2010, 8:03 PM