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10-28-2010, 8:00 AM
I was hoping for a some quick guidance since my field rep and DOJ DROS dept never answers their phone nor seem to return my calls. I had my first screw up on a DROS where I transposed two numbers on the firearms serial number. The DROS has already been approved and passed the time to edit online. My question is "Is there a solution I can do without waiting for DOJ to contact me back? I figure I cannot re-submit a new DROS because of the 30 day waiting period...any guidance would be much appriciated. Thank You Rick G.

10-28-2010, 9:22 AM
From the buyer's side, I can comment that I had a DROS that had an incorrect serial number. The FFL had me sign a DROS amendment form that showed the correct serial number and then I was able to pick up my blaster.

How can I correct or cancel a DROS submission?

If you need to report a handgun DROS correction or cancellation within the 10-day waiting period, you may do so with the computer with which you submitted the DROS.

If you need to report a handgun DROS correction or cancellation after the 10-day waiting period, you must fill out the DROS cancellation or correction form and mail it to the DOJ.

In the event of a correction, only one handgun data field may be modified. If additional fields require modification, the DROS must be canceled and a new DROS submitted. A handgun DROS must also be canceled if the transaction is not completed within 30 days. All correspondence and documentation must be retained for three years for inspection purposes.

(PC section 12076(d)(5))

10-28-2010, 9:43 AM
Thank you very much, I looked through my paperwork and actually found a DROS correction form. Nice to have the tools of this forum at hand. Still no call back from DOJ at two days and climbing...Thanks Again...Rick G.